A Business is a Brand.
A Brand is an Experience.

We are a design studio focused on creating cohesive and compelling brand initiatives for e-commerce stores, content portals and mobile apps.



Ogilvy Kieron Technology Solutions Design brings together capabilities across business, design and technology. Complementing our brand right design skills and our deep understanding of the consumer is our expertise with advanced design tools and robust processes. Along with our technology and product teams, we create great user experiences for brands and digital products.


We understand the needs of the user and the goals of your business and create compelling experiences for your brand.


We understand the context of your brand and sharpen its positioning by identifying the differentiators that matter for your audience.

UX Design

We craft delightful user experiences that drive greater conversions by increasing user adoption, loyalty, transactions and ticket sizes.


We bring great ideas to life through technology by choosing the right platforms, processes and tools to maximise their effectiveness.

How We Do IT

Digital transformation begins with the right process.

When there’s method even to madness, there is every reason for your digital transformation journey to focus on the right process and not just the outcome.


Identify how your brand can occupy customer mindspace and stand out from others


Understand user behaviors, needs and motivation through research and data analytics


Define the features that can make your product delightful by solving prioritized user needs


Organize the information and features to guide the users on where they are and want to go


Design the aesthetics of your product so that it not only works well but looks and feels great


Implement and bring great digital ideas to life with the power of technology

See our work

Our team has designed hundreds of innovative digital experiences, websites and mobile apps across verticals.

House of Classics

House of Classics is a Hong Kong based exclusive club that connects classic car owners with those who want a taste of driving a classic by becoming a patron of the car collection.

House of classics

Mira Mira

MiraMira is a patent pending AI powered decision-aid platform for young adults and adults like you. Decide an ideal path for your education and your career. With MiraMira you can rediscover yourself, compare options, choose what is right and fulfill your dreams.

Mira Mira

Srishti Collective 2020

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology wanted to create a digital showcase where the students display or stream their projects for a wide audience.

Srishti collective

Honda Car India

Honda wanted a website to showcase their models to the Indian car buyer. We designed and developed an immersive website to allow customers to not just explore cars but also book test drives, locate dealers, calculate EMIs and more.

Honda car india

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